Powerful, diverse, and reliable connections.

We equip you with interconnection services that provide data center connectivity to customers, partners, providers, and facilities while extending your network's capabilities, maintaining a competitive edge, and reducing the total cost of ownership.


Ushering in a connected community of data centers.

Platformdigital - Digital Connexion

As a part of the PlatformDIGITAL® product family, ServiceFabric™ facilitates connecting key points of data exchange centers with a host of on-demand, customizable facilities. Through its distributed system architecture and automated management capability, it works to scale and secure your critical infrastructure architecture and data sets, while simultaneously enabling you to streamline operations and maximize revenues.

seamless connectivity

Enabling seamless connectivity

Our connectivity solutions are the result of constant innovation, industry expertise, and nearly two decades of our patrons’ experience. By harnessing its benefits, we envision empowering your business to unlock new growth avenues.

Global connectivity

Leverage our industry-best global data center network, powered by our partnership with Jio, to access a world-class, all-IP, data-strong, and future-proof 4G and 5G connectivity. With Jio's extensive fiber presence covering 99.5% of India's population, our venture strategically expands connectivity to data centers and establishments nationwide. Benefit from Jio's telecom expertise and Digital Realty's top-notch global data center platform, accessing a dense connected data community of partners, solutions, and services for swift and reliable connections to leading data centers and network providers worldwide.

secure and reliable connections

Secure and reliable connections

Our forward-looking and highly adaptable connectivity products ensure a highly redundant framework, strengthened by Jio's 4G and 5G networks with deep fiber presence. We prioritize security, reliability, and performance standards, curating our solutions to benchmark industry standards. Additionally, the ServiceFabric™ automated management capabilities further enhance our services' reliability and efficiency, offering our customers secure and seamless connectivity experiences.


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