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Optimize network performance by setting up network hubs and interconnected network traffic flows at global points of business presence. This creates select centers of data exchange for scaling digital businesses.

Digital business workflows generate a massive amount of data and must support highly interactive traffic behaviors. To reduce latency caused by this data explosion and increase throughput, a new enterprise network architecture is required.

This new architecture needs to be localized at global points of business presence and consolidate traffic flows, and endpoint management into network hubs. By bringing users, systems, and the network to the data, this strategy removes barriers created by data explosion and creates centers of data exchange to scale digital businesses.


Securely manage, process, and store your enterprise’s data through a futuristic digital infrastructure that localizes control at global points of business presence. This strategy of setting up control hubs enables secure centers of data exchange to help scale digital businesses.

Modern digital businesses generate a massive amount of data. To securely manage, process, and store all this data, a new infrastructure and security management architecture is required, one that localizes controls at global points of business presence.

Get started quickly with a pre-packaged control hub solution configuration based on best practices to speed deployment and results, or configure your own based on your unique challenges and goals.


Success in a digital business requires a data infrastructure architecture that localizes aggregation, staging, analytics, streaming, and management at global points of business presence.

Localization improves performance and data compliance control and supports the exploding data volume and velocity associated with today’s digital business. The strategy brings users, networks, and controls to the data. This removes the barriers of data gravity and creates centers of data exchange to scale digital businesses.

Our turnkey bundle includes the necessary components and services to plan, deploy, and scale your data hubs rapidly, optimizing data exchange between your employees, customers, and business partners.

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