Digital Connexion, a three-way joint venture (JV) involving Brookfield Asset Management, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and Digital Realty, entered India’s burgeoning data centre market about four months ago. In an interview with, C.B. Velayuthan, chief executive officer (CEO), Digital Connexion, talks about the role the company intends to play in this space, its recent initiatives and future growth plans.

How has the data centre market evolved in India? What role does Digital Connexion plan to play in this space?

The global data centre industry is one of the most active industries in the world, having witnessed significant changes over the past 15 years. From the era of telecom, we have now moved into the era of IT infrastructure, with data centres occupying a central position in this revolution. India has experienced quantum digital growth, which is not only interesting from an end-consumer perspective but is also important for the government sector. As a result, India has become an attractive destination for investments. At Digital Connexion, we are excited to be in India at this time, given the growth wave currently under way and the potential for India to become a leader in this space. As a JV of three leading companies, we are optimistic about the opportunities in India.

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