Build your digital ecosystem with colocation on PlatformDIGITAL®, the global platform that provides a connected community. Our colocation facility is designed to ensure that your mission-critical data is deployed safely and securely and is always readily available.

Partnering with Digital Connexion ensures that you are working with a colocation partner that can future-proof your deployment with significant capacity for your growing requirements. At the same time, Digital Realty's simple and open global platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, provides you access to a connected network of over 300 data centers spread across the world, in addition to having access to a dynamic ecosystem of leading services, networks, providers, and partners. Our colocation products are flexible, scalable, and reliable.

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Leverage the industry’s largest open fabric that empowers you with a secure, reliable, and seamless connectivity solution that provides unmatched global reach for your business.

Our interconnection services provide virtual or physical data center connectivity to your customers, partners, providers, and facilities while extending your network's capabilities. Having the right connectivity service helps ensure high availability and improve your disaster recovery plan. Diverse data center connectivity adds security and performance to your most mission-critical applications. Optimize your infrastructure to take advantage of available participants while maintaining your competitive edge and reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Customize and control your digital transformation with our Build-to-Suit solution, which allows you to curate your colocation solution from pad ready land to fully operational data centers.

We are setting a new standard in providing you with a custom data center solution that empowers you to tailor your center’s interior architectural elements such as entrances, tuck bays, and office space. When you partner with us, you not only partner with a colocation provider who has decades of industry experience and expertise but also get a custom solution curated for you while avoiding the large upfront cost required to build a data center. In addition to this, our sustainable designs facilitate the minimization of your carbon footprint and help you reach your sustainability goals.

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